The expressive value of simple forms.

Abstract sculpture is characterised by the departure from naturalism in favor of the representation of pure, more rational geometric forms, or of  symbolic ones. 


Rationalist abstract sculpture was characterized by the rigor of its volumetric forms, in some cases reducing the function of sculpture to the mere occupation of space. Organic abstract sculpture brought together all the artists who sought to represent the human subjectivity and their own internal symbolism, without totally abandoning figurative forms.


Jadir Battaglia belongs to the latter group. In his work he reveals a creative anxiety, he naturally moves from the figurative to the abstraction, from the figure to the figuration. 


In this artist's work, the formalizing and pictorial gesture is evident. Although which sculpture is an “object” for those who contemplate it, the uniqueness of the pieces resides in the lessons the artist brings from painting.


His sculptures not only interact with their environments: they talk to people, they force them into meditation; they are not only seen, but felt; the movements that emanate from them allow the viewer to feel the pulse of their own life.

Jadir Battaglia

Jadir Battaglia

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