The Eikons©

Eikons© are representations of beings or entities that belong to the world of ideas. They appear in different shapes and sizes, from the most primitive, as elements found in the natural world, and evolve to the most complex and ethereal forms.  They come in different materials: paper, wood, resin, fiberglass, polystyrene.


Eikons© reflect the substance of the present as much as they suggest traces of future world. Integrated with the atmosphere, they emanate the energy from the environment and channel people's thoughts towards the conquest of desires. They are elements with which the human being interacts in order to strengthen their material and spiritual life, to construct a peaceful society and to recover the idea of ​​the meaning of life, which until recently was expressed in the great utopias and religions - providers of a vast purpose - but which today no longer finds a place to express itself collectively.

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