The Sketches

The art object is the evidence of time and space: it humanizes the environment and interacts with it with form, color and texture. In his studio, Jadir Battaglia develops pieces in order to participate in the art market, exhibitions, salons and galleries as well as to provide works of art to the architecture and design market. In this sense, he has worked with architects, interior designers, entrepreneurs and builders, contributing to their residential, commercial and business projects with a piece of his collection or in the elaboration of something exclusive. In his studio, Jadir offers his clients the possibility of interacting in his creative process with regard to the selection of colors, finishes and dimensions of his works, especially when it is a piece made to order. In these occasions, he elaborates sketches, colour and finishes samples and virtual simulations, making it easier for the client to evaluation and choosing process.

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The Formal Elements

Colours, Finishes and Dimentions

Eikons® are often presented in bright white colour, which symbolizes the celestial state and expresses the desire to approach that state. In the relationship between form, light and shadow, the colour white plays a fundamental role. Colour enters as a complementary element, reflects light and captures its metallic and brilliant nuances.


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Eikons® can occupy all spaces. As an alternative to the lacquered finish, construction materials can be used to adapt the sculpture to the most diverse environments.


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One of the decisive aspects for the execution of Eikons® is the scale in which they are created. Large scales are reserved for galleries with wide spaces, public areas and vertical rooms. Eikons® on smaller scales suggest private individuals, motivate portability and raise the presence of Eikons® in the social sphere.


Escultura Suspensa
Jadir Battaglia



Built with reforestation wood and sculpted using the technique of marquetry, these Eikons®  refer us to the elements found in nature. As if found at random, it inserts us into a new concept: that of "artificial natures".


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