The Studio

Located in Vila Belmiro, a small residential neighborhood in the city of Santos, the studio occupies one of the large typical houses of the region, with approximately a century of existence. There is also the Gallery, a space for the exhibition of recent works, chat and coffee.

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The Gallery

The Gallery provides not only the opportunity of a plesant visit, but also a specific context and a real experience. The interaction between the viewer and the environment is crucial to obtain an understanding of the artistic goals or the idea of ​​the work itself:  the viewer might bring out his inner self, to the point of expressing substantial emotional investments when contemplating the work. The meaning of the work is only established at the precise moment when its content and that of the viewer are connected, promoting conditions so that he can deal with his own internal feelings of uncertainty and anxiety and be able to accept a state of constant emotional movement in the interaction with the work of art.

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Galeria Atelier Jadir Battaglia

The Workshop


The workshop is a space of great activity! This is the place where the sculptures are executed, in a friendly and peaceful environment, despite all the dust, noise and different smells.

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